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You will notice them.

The way they stand tall.

Planted, grounded.

You will notice how they treat others.

With kindness.

With courtesy.

With respect and regard.

You will notice their manners.

The small things that matter.

A “please” or “thank you” said sincerely.

A great care in their person.

You will notice they stand apart.

Head and shoulders above others.

In maturity and integrity.

In poise and quiet strength.

They are wise beyond years.

Oh yes, you will notice them.

They chose to step up.

They chose to make a difference.

They Chose To Aspire.

“Old School” Donation (saves us the transaction costs)

Please make check/money order out to “Aspire Detroit”

Aspire | Detroit
c/o Anthony Fracchia
30600 Telegraph Rd
Suite 1225
Bingham Farms, MI 48025